How we are using Swiss hydraulic technology to drill a hole very quickly in the Nevada desert in the USA!


We are pleased to announce that we won second place and the Innovation and Design Award at the “Not-A-Boring-Competition” with our Groundhog Alpha tunnel boring machine.


The whole team is very happy about this success and congratulates TUM Boring on winning the speed competition with their pipejacking machine.

We would also like to congratulate the other winning teams in the Navigation System Precision Award, System Safety Award and Fastest Start Design categories.

Since the full potential of the machine has not yet been realised in the USA and we are already seeing improvements for the first prototype Groundhog Alpha, we are planning an event in Switzerland in cooperation with ETH Zurich. There we will dig a 30-metre tunnel under the same conditions as in the “Not-A-Boring-Competition”

The success of our machine motivates us to work even harder towards our goal of developing faster and cheaper tunnelling methods.


Your Hagenbuch Team


Swisslooptunneling is the official team of the ETH Zurich taking part in the Hyperloop project “Not-A-Boring-Competition” that is aiming to revolutionise the tunnel industry.

New technologies have to be developed for boring machines so that the vision of Hyperloop highspeed transport connections can become a reality. The aim is to be faster and more economical. The Boring Company has therefore launched an innovation competition.

Out of the nearly 400 teams, 12 have now been invited to build a prototype, and the ETH-Team swisslooptunneling is one of them. These teams will compete against each other on 12 September to bore a 30-metre long tunnel with a diameter of approx. 50 cm.



The mission of this project is to help solve the transport problem, enable fast point-to-point transport and to change the face of cities.

Click here for the official website of the ETH Zurich project team:

We are proud that Hagenbuch Hydraulic Systems AG has been chosen as one of the main partners and is supporting the swisslooptunneling team with technology, ideas and hardware.

Hagenbuch Hydraulic Systems AG is this setting an example for Swiss innovative strength.



Impression of the event in picture form:

Competition Final Day – Group Photo

Competition Final Day – all approvals received

Competition Day 5 – Last checks

Competition Day 5 – Checking the connections of the individual components

Competition Day 5 – The software also works

Competition Day 5 – Check the connections

Competition Day 4 – Detail of a single component

Competition Day 4 – The components are assembled together

Competition Day 4 – Check, check and check again

Competition Day 4 – At work

Competition Day 3 – Hagenbuch component

Competition Day 3 – System check & coordination

Competition Day 3 – Transport

Competition Day 3 – Check the other components

Competition Day 2 – The individual components arrive

Competition Day 2 – TBM

Competition Day 2 – Venue in the desert

Competition Day 2 – Fortunately with a tent

Competition Day 1 – The totally motivated project team

Competition Day 1 – Innovation pur

Competition Day 1 – Our container has arrived, we can hardly wait

Competition Day 1 – Futuristic