Service-Center - all you need to run and service hydraulic systems

Our efficient and innovative Service Center-team provides you with all kinds of products and services required in the sector of oil hydraulics - from individual all the way to full services. Our range also comprises reliable and comprehensive consulting as well as a broad range of services like:

  • cylinder repair and maintenance
  • assembly and disassembly of cylinder
  • customized production and repair
  • filter-service and oil analyses
  • service-team  -  manpower available also at your premises
    • troubleshooting
    • service and maintenance (also as service contract)
    • installation of hose- and pipelines
    • commissioning
    • lease of manpower
    • consulting and solution finding
    • preventive inspection to check piping systems and hoses, pump condition and general condition of hydraulic systems
  • hose shop in Ebikon - broad range of hoses and fixtures
  • rental equipment
  • mobile workshop  -  our rental container with hose crimper and fixtures


Brochure Service-Center
Service-Center.pdf 3.8 MB download