IMS Measuring System

The IMS position sensor is ideally suitable for installation in hydraulic cylinders thanks to its compact and study design. The technology is based on a linear variable differential transformer (LVDT). This electromechanical sensor consists of a moving core and a stationary coil system. This analogue sensor measuring absolutely has a range of important advantages:


  • Non-contact measurement / Long service life
    All parts moving relative to one another are non-contact. Good encapsulation of the coil system (IP68) and the absence of friction ensure a long service life, even under tough environmental conditions.
  • Absolute position signal
    The analogue sensor supplies a position signal immediately after switching on the power supply. A reference movement is not required.
  • Good zero point stability
    The symmetrical structure of the coil system ensures good zero point stability and a repeat accuray.
  • Integrated electronics
    The evaluation electronics of the LVDT are an integral component of the sensor, with the result that a standard signal available at the interface to the control.
  • High pressure resistance
    The pressure resistance of the IMS system is limited almost exclusively by the cylinder design.
  • Good dynamics
    The low moving mass of the core ensures goods dynamics of the LVDT, which is only limited by the processing speed of the electronics.
  • Large temperature range
    The standard sensor works in a wide temperature range from -20°C to +85°C. The temperature compensation of the electronics guarantees an almost constant measuring value in the entire temperature range.
  • Very good vibration resistance
    Vibrations have practically no effect on the sensor signal
  • Large mechanical tolerances
    Errors in the diameter and angular position of the core and coil system are uncritical, which is crucial for the high functional reliability of the systems.
  • For use with all pressures fluids
    The IMS system is suitable for both water-based or synthetic pressure fluids.
IMS Measuring System Brochure
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