Hexamove – Movement made easy

We have been involved with the Hexapod for almost 25 years. The Hexapod story started for us in connection with "motion cinemas", in which the seats move synchronously with the movie.

However, the control technology was still in the early stages of development at the time, so we took on the ambitious task of modernizing it and making it accessible also for other applications, using the latest technology. Meanswhile this has resulted in many testing, assembly, robotics and simulation systems in a wide variety of fields.
As a manufacturer of complete systems technology, ready to use with hydraulics, electrics, control engineering and software, the Hexapod can be regarded as the supreme discipline.

  • Test
  • Measuring
  • Position
  • Simulate

Brochure Hexamove
Hexamove.pdf 22.83 MB download
Hexamove PE400.pdf 0.96 MB download

Hexamove Update Info
2020-04 HHSMessenger 0.46 MB download
2020-03 HexVideoPlayer 0.49 MB download
2018-08 Hexamove function module PSD 0.73 MB download
2018-08 Hexamove measuring 0.7 MB download
2018-08 Hexamove bearings 0.76 MB download