Control and software – the heart of the Hexamove system

It is only with high-performance controls and software that the Hexamove system really comes to life. In order to meet the very varied and individual customer requirements, this core competence is developed in a completely bespoke manner. This is the only way to fulfill the variety of wishes and to deliver a customized and technically outstanding solution to each customer.

The controller concept is based on a very high-performance master in combination with the ultra-high-speed fieldbus system GinLink. A 2.2 GHz power PC CPU with 4 cores (actually with four processors) makes the controls extremely flexible. The 4-core architecture with a high processing power enables the parallel distribution of the real-time tasks of the 4 individual processors. This makes optimal use of the performance and results in high sampling rates for the regulation. The processing power is so high that it is possible to realize applications with up 90 axes to be regulated. The controller is therefore not only designed for the 6 axes of the Hexapod, but can also synchronize additional drives.

The great flexibility of the system is achieved through the fieldbus system GinLink. With up to 256 individual fieldbus nodes, the controls can be perfectly decentralized and adapted to the application.