Servo Valve test bench

Hagenbuch’s servo valve test stand facilitates extensive testing of proportional and servo valves. All common measurements can be conducted. The test stand is also suited for being used for service & repair works and product design. A number of additional interfaces allows for using the facility also for untypical tests or as universal test stand for hydraulic valves and components.

Test pressure up to 350 bar
Max. volume flow 120 l/min.
Valve sizes NG-4, NG-6, NG-10, NG-16
Oil specification mineral oil class ISO-VG46
Weight ca. 800 kg
Aggregate power < 37 kW

Primarily, the test stand is controlled via the control panel. However, the software can also be installed on other computers in the network to facilitate monitoring from different stations.

  • Touchscreen with mouse and keyboard serve to control the test bench
  • Emergency switch
  • Button and display for clearance and safety circuit

FRC options for frequency response cylinders

Brochure Servo Valve test bench
Servo Valve test bench.pdf 1.64 MB download