On the test bench

The construction of test benches is the high-end segment of hydraulic drive technology. In this sector we use our strengths to the advantage of the customer. Innovative prowess, knowledge of standard techniques, high competence in controller technology, fast electronics and masterful mechanics allow us to produce effective test benches.

For us what's fascinating about test benches is the diversity of the type of problem. Position, force, pressure, temperature etc. must all be precisely governed to enable the real-life demands on the component to be simulated on the test bench. In previous years we have developed a series of modules that enable us to quickly realise new solutions. In addition to drive technology like the Hexamove-System we also supply pulsation drives with hydrostatic bearings, force control systems and pressure intensifiers, above all with imaginative software. With our innovative concepts we position ourselves as your partner for complete test bench system solutions. That begins with the feasibility study, continues through development and into commissioning and ends in a cooperative accompaniment of the customer during deployment..

Our test benches:

  • Complete facilities according to customer
  • Pulsation-drives
  • Force control systems
  • 6 DOF Motion-Systems
  • Pressure intensifiers
  • Optimiser software
  • Integration in customer environment (e.g. Climate chambers)
  • Individual test service