Testing-Center - individual testing for you

We offer our infrastructure and our expertise

In order to develop high-quality servo technology including drives, controllers, and software it also takes a test site for our engineers. Over the years, we have thus built up comprehensive infrastructure, which we can also make available to our customers. Apart from first-class technology, we also offre comprehensive services and engineering in relation to testing your products.

Our services:

  • Development of individual testing procedures
  • Multiple axis systems with up to 12 axes
  • Simulation of free drive files in path and force
  • Path/force sinus pulsations
  • Shaker with acceleration regulation, up to 250g and 600 Hz
  • Sprung foundations for tests with clamping plates measuring 4 x 4 meters
  • 6 DOF tests on HEXAPOD
  • Measurement of material tension by means of strain gauges
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