EN-13597 Testing Service

We offer you the testing service of air springs according to the EN-13597 standard. In our own testing center, with high-quality equipment, we check your test specimen with the methods to be used for verification.

The testing of air suspensions for railway applications is described in detail in the standard EN 13597. Hexapod propulsion systems are ideally suitable for the inspection task on account of the six degrees of freedom (6DoF) mobility in all directions plus rotations around all axles. The most important test steps according to the standard involve measuring the rigidity characteristics as well as simulationg the dynamic loads as a lifetime test.
Our Hexamove control automates these test functions. One particular strength is that path and force control can be mixed in the various degrees of freedom. For instance, the test bench controls the simulated load as a force control while horizontal translations or rotations are controlled as path and angle. The coordinate system can be transferred freely to the test speciment as required, with the result that rotations also refer to the reference points.

We are also happy to offer you the testing of air suspensions according to standard EN 13597 as a service on our test benches. The most important test steps where we can support you involve the examination of physical and functional properties.

  • Appearance upon deformation. In clause 6.3.2, the standard defines the test conditons for documenting the deformation during definite movements.
  • Pressure resistance
  • Air tightness
  • Permanent resistance: In Annex C, the standard defines the number of cycles as well as the load pattern in the form of trapeziodal curves. Dynamic measuring data can optionally be used for the simulation of real application conditions.
  • Burst resistance. The burst test is carried out with water in accordance with the standard. Here the pressure is slowly increased and recorded until pressure drop upon failure of the test specimen.
  • Rigidity characteristics under various conditions (forces, movement pattern) for all degrees of freedom

Our qualified employees will be happy to support you in planning and implementation. Please contact us by phone no. +41 41 444 12 00 or send us an e-mail at info@hagenbuch.ch.