Hydraulic power units for testing benches and central supplies

May it be complete systems or precise individual components: all of our customers’ orders are given the same high quality standard. If we produce hydraulic units for you, you can be absolutely sure we do so using top Swiss engineering skills and craftsmanship at every stage in the manufacturing process.

Our testing comprises care and expertise

In our manufacturing facilities are modern, CNC turning and milling machines as well as some conventional machines for prototyping and single pieces. On our high dynamometer test our fitters cylinders, power units and valve blocks, so that only flawless products leave our premises. Our range of services includes the following tasks:

  • Engineering of complete systems
  • Engineering of control and regulation
  • Delivery of standard components
  • Development and production of special components
  • Development of customized user interfaces
  • Delivery of complete control
  • Installation of piping systems (hoses and pipes)
  • Commissioning of the plant
  • Service over the lifetime

Hydraulic Pump units of PT and PA series

Aggregates of the P series are complete primary units, which contain all the necessary components for the pressure generation.
The types PT and PA differ in the arrangement of the pump. In the aggregates of the PT range, the pump is mounted vertically in the container. This construction is very economical for small and medium-sized plants. The pump noise is attenuated by the container.

Easy cleaning and maintenance

For units of the PA series pump and motor are flanged together to form a unit mounted on the container lid. This means the pump is easily accessible. This type is used mainly in axial piston pumps. They are suitable for medium and larger plants. (From frame size 100)

Quality from Switzerland

Take a look at our extensive portfolio of services and let us convince you of Hagenbuch Hydraulic Systems AG: Our hydraulic power units are the ideal choice for your drive.

Our hydraulic units are:

  • reliable and durable
  • quiet
  • individually adaptable to customer needs
  • compact built, on request with housing
  • constructed from quality components of well-known manufacturers

If hydraulic units are required, you are always in the right place at Hagenbuch Hydraulic Systems AG. Contact us if you want to learn more or place an order.