Hydraulic cylinders of the ZM series

The hydraulic cylinder of the ZM series correspond in size to the latest ISO standards. They are due to robust construction for universal use in hydraulic systems. The seal may be adapted to the operating conditions. The ZM series is a medium pressure series with a max. Pressure of 200 bar. The mass corresponds to ISO 6020 series 1. The Flaechenverhaeltnis is about 1.4 or 2 (depending on the piston rod diameter). On request, the cylinders with cushioning can be equipted. This must not be changed, the installation dimensions. Cylinder cushion mechanisms are adjustable. The engagement of the Damping is done thanks to an appropriate form of the cans gently and without jerks.

On request, the cylinders can be equipped with a cushioning system that does not change the mounting dimensions. End position dampers are adjustable. The intervention of the damping takes place thanks to the appropriate shape of the cans gently and smoothly.

They offer you following advantages:

  • very robust 
  • high reliability
  • ISO norm 6020
  • special versions

Ideal design ot the hydraulic cylinder

In order to design a cylinder operational use, you seek advice from our engineers. For this we need the following information:

  • required force pushing
  • required pulling force
  • stroke
  • type of installation
  • cylinder speed
  • planned operating fluid
  • temperature conditions
  • environmental influences
  • control page

Special designs

Due to flexible manufacturing of standard components, we are able to manufacture to the individual case the correct cylinder for you at any time, for example:

  • stik-slip free (step-seal gasket)
  • arrangement for the connections
  • application of proportional or servo valves
  • dimensions of the connections
  • flexible attached masses as flanges diameter
  • Piston rod diameter
  • Coated piston road
  • different materials (e.g. stainless steel)
  • installation length
  • stainless completed projects
  • with an extended attenuation
  • by measuring system (ask for our documentation)
  • with flange for way valve
  • completely screwed (tail)